Welcome to my life!


Photographer / Writer / Traveler / Life Enthusiast / Passionate about Food, Art, Books, Spirituality, Yoga, Health, Sexuality and Wellness! Enjoy my posts!




Hello fellow citizens of this world 🙂

I come in peace to bring you ideas about health, art, literature, films, good food, travel, attractions, hidden gems, yoga poses, workouts, well-being secrets, beauty, sexuality and everything in between.

I am a passionate photographer with a keen interest and talent in architectural and interior photography and much love for everything that can make my life a better experience.

I enjoy sharing with other people through my own experience what life is about and how we can live it better and more fulfilled.

I have to go now as this will be getting really busy.

Enjoy my website and ideas, put them into practice, explore places, feelings and love making, learn about yourself, evolve, grow and be happy.

Live! 🙂



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P.S.  The quintessence of life is fully expressed in this song’s lyrics.

Listen to it, read them carefully and reflect on your own life and the person that you are ❤