Christmas, A Little Different

I’m starting this new blog website with a little post about how I celebrated Christmas evening.

The night started a bit off as I was by myself, but then my housemate came home and the fun began.

We decided to cook something special, so we made all sorts of vegetables with a simple recipe that I came up with and grilled salmon.


They’re still in the preparation time, looking good and colorful.

In the meantime we decided to finish a bottle of Disaronno and here is the proof.


And as for the finished product, the dinner looked something like this:


I went ahead and killed the little chocolate snowman that was given to me earlier in the day.


Aside we had amaretti biscuits and the special Romanian festive cake.

To finish this post I will add that we danced all night like no one was watching on rock, indie, pop and raggae music.

We had a lot of fun and it was definitely different than the previous years.

Hope you had a good one too and now still to come it’s New Year’s Eve 🙂


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