2015 In Retrospective



I’ll take a moment to look back at what happened in my life and what lessons I’ve learned during 2015.

With every ending of a year, we make a balance, draw a line and see how we became more wiser, wealthier and happier.

We all had good and bad, all sorts of things happened and hopefully we come to a conclusion that the costs were lower than the profits and we had more to gain than to lose.

Either way, there is no lose in life, we all win and gain so much, even through the hurtful process of learning new lessons and what we call mistakes are just a way of knowing and becoming better.

There’s no such thing as a mistake, only an opportunity to evolve and become more of who you are.

Right.. so, I remember I started the year pretty good, had a what I called back then a stable relationship, was full of desires, hopes and expectations and was ready to start a new life across the ocean, in the States.

After a four months experience back there, I came to realize that I am so lucky and blessed to be born in Europe and I will never leave this continent again for anything else.

I’ve learned that if you really want something, you will get it and with faith anything is possible and the craziest dreams are there for a reason, for us to achieve, conquer and be happy with.

I’ve learned that you should never look back and to always keep moving forward!

Letting go is one of the hardest things to do and attachments are weakening, controlling and manipulating us, so, when you have the courage to trust God with everything and let go, miracles will happen.

I’ve learned that if you set your mind on something, you’ll do it, with confidence and faith, you’ll be able to do anything and much more.

The next one might sound a bit weird, but I’ve learned that as a woman, we should never let our guard down, not in a sense of becoming and being like a “bitch” type of woman, but to always have confidence in your feminine energy, in your power and strength.

If you lose that power, you become weak and the man in your life might see this as an opportunity to manipulate and use your feelings and emotions for his own good.

Vulnerability is wonderful and I am at times and feel good when a man can understand and appreciate that, we can always be manlike and putting a strong facade for the world, I actually recommend being yourself fully at all times, but try to see the man in your life for who he is and if he’s the type of man who can appreciate that.

If not, then go ahead and find that man, it will be worth your time being single.

I see things differently and I’m happy, because that proves that I am changing, evolving and growing more into the person I ought to be.

It’s a life process and I’ll never get bored of learning and experimenting with my life, it’s a wonderful thing accepting this.

For the year 2016 I have big plans concerning my career and my personal expression.

I am aware that it will be hard work and requires commitment, but my dream it’s an extension of myself and I feel that I have to do it.

And about expressing myself, I want to express my personality through love, through touching the hearts and minds of people around me and virtual as well, through voicing out my mind and feelings, through orgasms, through everything that I can and I will use any channel that will allow me that.

I also want to explore my body and my pleasure to high limits and see where that takes me.

Basically exploring life in every way that I can.

I believe that being able and free to express yourself in this world is something we can call luxury, we’re all so restrained and confined in the wall of our minds that we cannot lose control and see what might happen.

I guess we’re afraid of the consequences or what people might say.

I would suggest you stop caring what people think and do what you want, feel what you desire, speak your mind whenever, express yourself fully and never let anyone tell you any different or even control you.

It’s your life, live it!

I’m not gonna make a statement like: “Let’s make 2016 the best year of our lives!”, but instead I’ll just say: Live it baby, as truly and fully as you can, honor yourself, love, share, be grateful, go after your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you, not even yourself!





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