A Little Accomplishment

Before leaving the States at the end of August last year, for about a couple of weeks prior to that I decided that instead of having nonsense and with no purpose fights and arguments with my then boyfriend, I would rather spend my last days doing something more constructive that brings me a lot of joy and peace of mind and that is Reading.

So, in a week I read four books which he owned, but read only one.

I started of with Rintu Basu – “Persuasion Skills Black Book”, which is a good book if you want to get something from someone, to persuade them into doing things they might not want to do otherwise and not feel guilty about it.

The author even goes as far as saying that we should now practice what we says whenever we have the chance, open our mouths and start babbling to make people say or do stuff and we should be proud of ourselves as well and see the improvements in no time.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t feel ok reading this book, it’s too manipulative and I’m not the type, nor I believe anyone should be.

It’s good in sales, that’s why they make us buy all that crap that we don’t need, just for the sake of buying things.

The book is good in that manner, has many brilliant techniques to use your mouth for talking shit into people’s minds.

Right, now with the second book that I read, it’s called “Your Best Year Yet!” – Jinny S. Ditzler and here is the cover.




A great book with many exercises and questions that make you wonder and help you on the way to discover what you really want to do with your life and how to get there step by step.

I took the time to do all those exercises and I made my year starting with October until late December this year, so I gave myself a few more months than the normal 12.

It’s really worth getting this book if you want more in all aspects of your life.

The third book I read is called “The Secret Of Letting Go” – Guy Finley and here is the cover for this one too.




I must say, it’s one of the best books I’ve read so far.

You know how being attached to something or someone makes you their prisoner, right? Or at least, you should know this by now.

Well, this book goes into so many details explaining how we can get ourselves free from this burden and even free from ourselves as well.

It’s an amazing book, full of faith, wisdom and great advices on how to be emotionally free.

Just a simple excerpt from the book, I took many photos of the most important parts that I could find.




And now the final one is called “The Twelfth Angel” – Og Mandino, which was such an inspiration and liberation.

The book is about courage, love, positive thinking and the importance of having encouraging people around us.

I don’t thing anyone is happy in that area and it’s all good with everybody trying to push us down due to their own unfulfilled desires and dreams and with media always scaring and controlling us.

So, these are the books that I read in a week, hopefully you’ll get your hands on the last three and see for yourselves if it rings a bell inside of you.

It definitely did for me. Happy reading and see you on the next post! 🙂


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