Earlier today I saw this little beautiful bulb of orchid lying on the ground in the hallway, so I decided to pick it up and take some shots and show you the beauty that resides in one little plant.

They say that orchids look like a vagina, the female genitals and just like these, they are quite fragile.

Us as females are vulnerable and fragile, but our little bulb of femininity holds the world and is as strong and powerful as the universe and beyond.

Dear ladies, love your yoni, cherish it, caress it, feel and think when you let someone enter it as the man’s energy will fill you and sit inside you for the rest of your life, that’s why is best to choose wisely and with love who you let inside your most sacred place.

Listen to your beautiful flower, it will let you know when it’s ready to let someone in and when it’s not. Hold yourself from any sexual activity until you’re ready for that conscious and spiritual man that will fill you with desire, love and a different perspective on life.

It might scare you, and you should be, but it’s worth it. Wait for it 🙂
















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