Healthy Meal Time #1

A couple of months ago I decided to go vegan and I was for three weeks or so and in that time I used to cook something that looks like this.

Really easy fusilli pasta with boiled broccoli, spring onion, raw garlic and fresh dill.

Hmm, I cannot even express how delicious it was. I know it sounds too easy and not too fancy, but trust me, it was really good 🙂




A yummy close up.




I then decided that I cannot stay vegan forever, because I love yogurt and kefir and I know how good it is for me and my health.

I tried many types of kefir, English, Polish, Turkish, but the best in my opinion is still the old Romanian recipe.

It’s thicker, tastes better, fresh and healthy.

And here is a photo to show you that.




I still don’t eat meat, maybe just fish (especially salmon) rarely, like once a month or so and regarding cheese, really rarely and only the light one, like ricotta and mozzarella.

And yes, I feel much better than I did before 🙂


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