Jars, Seeds, Cookies And Stuff

A few months ago I bought these beautiful “Home Sweet Home” Jars and my intention was to use them as bath salts, bath powder and cosmetic storage.

And when I found out that taking too many baths is not that healthy for you, I’ve changed my mind and use them for kitchen products, as they’re meant to.

Earlier I was talking about the organic shop I like to go to, where I get my Coconut Raw Flakes. Well, I also buy Organic Sunflower Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds and they indeed taste and look different than the ones you buy from Tesco or Sainsbury’s.

Much better and it’s definitely worth a try.










I’m also a big fan of Ginger Biscuits, love the taste, the texture, they’re simply delicious, so I had to store them in something cool and pretty.




And for the last jar, as there were four in a set, I like to store my facial cleansing cotton pads.

I’ve always wanted to store them in something rather unique, so I managed to succeed with that 🙂

Hope I gave you some ideas of what to do with jars.





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