I just finished watching this film and I gotta say I was impressed by Bryan Cranston’s performance and it should be no surprise really, as I loved his acting since he was Walter White aka Heisenberg, a chemistry professor fighting with cancer and making/dealing meth in the stunning “Breaking Bad”.

In this one, he pushes through the boundaries and restrictions for freedom of speech and when he gets black listed for his political views, he survives and fights back and in the end he gets his spotlight back and honors in the crazy and superficial movie industry that’s Hollywood.

No one should lose their social status and be convicted just by having a different view on things, but yet again this movie shows just how childish we humans really are and how our beliefs and convictions can make us or break us.

I really liked this film, by watching the trailer, I thought it would be boring and with no meaning, but I’m glad I was wrong.




On the other hand, I can’t stop thinking that as Hollywood usually uses politics and makes simple and yet powerful suggestions that we need to follow or they’re making us prepare for something bigger and that just through a simple movie.

When I was in the States last summer, everyone I met was afraid of the Communism slightly getting its way in their country and that the Government is pushing this with simple and forced laws.

It’s starting with Socialism and ending up with Communism.

Now, I can agree with them, because I come from Romania, which was under Communism for more than 40 years and yes, those were not good times for us, making our people be afraid of anything really, never expressing ourselves, always being pushed around by other powerful countries and just live a boring, robotic life without the possibility to find out what you really desire, achieve or what you really want to do with your life.

So, in this movie, they’re trying to make us feel sympathy for someone who is a Communist and becoming a social pariah, and that’s really subtle, but if you would understand what’s going on deeper than what’s presented to you on television, you would become free and wise regarding this kind of things.

Anyway, enough about politics, I don’t like it at all and it makes my stomach turn when I think about all the injustices that are happening all over the world to poor and undeveloped countries.

I’ll finish with the fact that it’s a good movie, great acting and good script.

Really recommend it!



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