To Be, Or Not To Be – Spiritual

As a person who claims that is not religious, but spiritual, I find myself in the position to explain what that means to me. Maybe to you it means something else, but let me give you my definition of what a spiritual being is, in my opinion.

While I have a strong connection with God, Source, Divine Power (call it whatever you like) and being present every minute, with a high consciousness and fully aware of my body, thoughts, acts and feelings, that is not everything a spiritual being is about.

Everybody thinks that by being spiritual, you need to be and act in a calm way all the time, zen like and very wise, like a guru type of thing or a monk from the monasteries of Tibet.

While that is important, to fully comprehend who you are, what’s your part here on Earth and to live in a happy and harmonious way, I believe that by being spiritual, you need to be yourself fully all the time.




Just think about it, the word “spirit” in my opinion, is something that is you, free from all the prejudices, constraints, limitations, advises, complaints and conditions.

It’s free from all these nonsense, we were born naked of clothes and of mental rubbish, but by the time we become adults, it was too late, because our parents, teachers, media and surrounding people put all sort of stuff into our minds and then we became clothed in lies and fear, not being able to express who we are and always putting a mask to deceive others.

When you are being totally yourself in any situation, you will come to discover your real being and in that moment, your spirit is free, you can feel it and all it requires is to let yourself be, give yourself the freedom to say what you want and express it fully, even if the people around don’t completely agree with who you are or they’re still trying to restrain you in some way.

For me, being spiritual is to dance like no one is watching, being totally immersed in what you’re doing, love with all your heart and not being afraid to get hurt, make love every time like it’s the last time, passionately and completely, do what you really like, even if the whole world is against you and so on.

Put it simply, give yourself permission to be who you really are fully, no matter what!

Become naked again and innocent, just as a child is expressing himself completely, having no fear of anything, you can too, do the same.

I believe that we have so many things to unlearn from adults and so many to learn from children, and as adult life gives us wisdom, it takes away the innocence and the ability to be young at heart always. If we could combine these two, our spirit would be happy and free 🙂






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