“The Master Key System” Part I

By the same period last year, I started reading this great book first published in 1917 by Charles F. Haanel.

It’s a kind of book that will change the relationship you have with yourself, Divine power, other people, health and success.

It’s a very transformative book, that will help you in any area of your life that you’d like to change or improve.

I remember that by that time I didn’t put too much energy in understanding and allowing this little book to make big changes into my life, but this time, I am more ready than ever.

It has 24 parts and it’s supposed to be read one part everyday for a week until you comprehend fully and incorporate all the information necessary for your growth and evolution, and then go to the next part.

Don’t read it like a novel, or it will all be for nothing.

Every week I will write about the most important idea in each part, something that I found to be of immense importance and deliver to you the information.

In this first part, there was a little paragraph that captured my attention and it goes like this:


“The Universal Mind is static or potential energy; it simply is; it can manifest only through the individual, and the individual can manifest only through the Universal. They are one.”


Almost all the religions in the world talk about some kind of power, divine energy that created everything, it’s Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent.

With all that being said, the beauty is that, this energy can manifest itself through us and everything that exists on this planet, and in return, we can manifest what we want only through this energy. It’s good to have a deep rapport with it, and not manifest by automatic pilot and through unconscious behaviour.

The main idea is that inside each one of us, there lies a great power and once we harness that power, we can do and achieve anything.

The only issue I would say, is to realize that we have it inside of us and to use it consciously for the greater good, ours and for others as well.

The secret is to find the connection and to deepen that connection with the source, divine energy and make it our friend, instead of fighting against the tide.

Be brave, allow it, trust yourself and trust God! 🙂






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