Mama’s Got A New Pair Of Gloves

Not sure what the mama thing is about, as I don’t intent to be one, but I found that to be quite funny.

Now, I got the other day a new pair of leather gloves, red of course as it’s my favourite colour.

I got them because I needed new ones and they looked elegant and pretty.

I got all sorts of opinions about my gloves, from being indecent (porn like) to elegant and classy. That’s the thing with people, everyone has its own opinion and it’s definitely different than yours. You ask 100 people, you’ll get 100 different results.

And that’s the beauty of life, not everyone has to think the same as you do, diversity is definitely needed.

The important thing is that I like them, they’re comfy, beautiful and they make me feel elegant with a touch of nasty 🙂








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