“The Master Key System” Part IV

Good evening darlings and welcome to Part IV of “The Master Key System”.

The author is explaining what every other main spiritual book out there (like The Bible for example) tells us how we can achieve what we want and become the creators of our own destinies.

Have a careful read and the simple recipe is that you need to realize the connection you have with the Universal power and then silence your mind of other non-necessary thoughts, focus on what you want to achieve, bring in the feelings of already having this in your life and then practice this until it’s like your second nature and you are convinced of the outcome.

Below is the more detailed explanation.

Happy manifesting! 🙂


“The Universal cannot express through you as long as you are busy with your plans, your own purposes; quiet the senses, seek inspiration, focus the mental activity on the within, dwell in the consciousness of your unity with Omnipotence. Still waters run deep; contemplate the multitudinous opportunities to which you have spiritual access by the Omnipresence of power.”


“Visualize the events, circumstances and conditions which these spiritual connections may assist in manifesting. Realize the fact that the essence and soul of all things is spiritual and that the spiritual is real, because it is the life of all there is; when the spirit is gone, the life is gone; it is dead; it has ceased to exist.”


“Over-work or over-play or bodily over-activity of any kind produces conditions of mental apathy and stagnation which make it impossible to do the more important work which results in a realization of conscious power. We should, therefore, seek the Silence frequently. Power comes through repose; it is in the Silence that we can be still, and when we are still we can think, and thought is the secret of all attainment.”


“Thought is a mode of motion and is carried by the law of vibration the same as light or electricity. It is given vitality by the emotions through the law of love; it takes form and expression by the law of growth; it s a product of the spiritual “I”, hence its Divine, spiritual and creative nature.”


“From this it is evident that in order to express power, abundance or any other constructive purpose, the emotions must be called upon to give feeling to the thought so that it will take form. How may we develop the faith, the courage, the feeling, which will result in accomplishment?”


“The reply is, by exercise; mental strength is secured is exactly the same way that physical strength is secured, by exercise. We think something, perhaps with difficulty the first time; we think the same thing again, and it becomes easier this time; we think it again and again; it then becomes a mental habit. We continue to think the same thing; finally it becomes automatic; we can no longer help thinking this thing; we are now positive of what we think; there is no longer any doubt about it. We are sure; we know.”





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