“What Do You Do For A Living?”

Now, ain’t that the million dollar question?

It’s been a while since someone asked me this, but it just pooped the other day in my mind and I thought why not write and express my opinion regarding this annoying and rude question.

It’s quite a common thing to be asked this especially in social circles and London looks like the proper place for that, as everyone here is a bit obsessed with status and social recognition.

Why do we need to do something in order to live, even the question itself sounds so stupid and idiotic really.

Life takes care of us one way or another and when we’re babies nobody asks what are we doing for living. Yes, someone is taking care of us and that’s a good thing, consider yourself lucky for not having to work your way up from a very young age.

Now, if you were to ask me what I do to make money, it would be a totally different matter.

I could easily say I sleep with people for money, or that I found the cure for cancer, or I managed to end the war in Middle East and I got a Noble Price for Peace.

Does it really matter what I do to pay my bills, buy food, clothes or other necessary things?

And that’s called surviving and not living, you can barely call it that.

Everyone asks this question, because in the second they know the answer, you’ve got a label on your forehead written in big letters, whatever they find the word to describe you with.

And it’s all about opinions and labels and whatever people think about you based on their early conditioning and upbringing.

It’s up to you not to care what everyone else thinks and to find a way to get our of the rat race, imposed by high placed people in order to control the masses (that’s us, the normal ones, if you haven’t thought about that yet). That’s another topic which I’d like to talk some other time though.

Now, why nobody asks: What do you do to make yourself happy?

What makes your heart filled with joy and what do you do for fun, just to feel good?

Now these are the more important questions I believe.

You know why they don’t ask? Because they don’t care about you being happy, it’s all about the status that you’ve got or the money that you make.

People are so entrapped in this material filled world, that they cannot think otherwise.

My opinion is that, what we do to make ourselves happy and how we are conducting our own lives is what matters most. How you live with joy every single day and how you can inspire others to do the same.

For me it’s about love, and I’m not talking about love as a romantic one, but as love as a state of being, it’s a rare thing, but it’s possible, I will talk about this another time.

Now, I’d like you to think about what makes you happy, what excites you and go do that thing, whatever it might be and if possible, go ahead and make a career out of it, out of your passion, as crazy as it might sound.

Don’t listen to anybody, just your inner voice, your inner self.

It knows better, trust me! 🙂





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