“Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights”

Watched this the other day for the second time and I remember when I watched it more than 10 years ago, I was quite pleasantly surprised by it.

Now that I’m older, I see things different. The acting is not that great, but at least something good remains, a really valuable lesson.

I enjoyed the music and the dance so much and it made me realize how much I love to move my body.

The film is about dancing (if the title didn’t do it for you) and how we need to let go of our prejudices, beliefs and mental processes when it comes to dancing and just go with the flow and start feeling the music and the rhythm of our own bodies.

It’s really important to trust your partner, to lose yourself in him and let him take the lead and guide you into a wonderful experience.

That’s what a great dance is like.

Then my mind made the analogy with relationships.

We women have become too strong, powerful, sometimes we want to overrule men and be more like them (I’m not talking about myself here, but I’ve seen more examples than I would have liked).

We need to be more vulnerable (now, a lot of them will think that this is bad and I can assure you ladies, that is not) and open up to the men in our life and trust them fully (give them the benefit of doubt) and let them take the lead and guide us into the unknown (it sounds scary, I know, but it’s worth the experience).

We need to let go of the persona that we usually like to put up and come as we truly are, real women and not plastic, covered with all sorts of layers.

And just like dance partners trust each other to follow the right steps and make a beautiful dance, you too can trust each other in the relationship and make some kind of magic out of it.

Let yourself go! Forget about what your mother told you, your teacher, the guy or guys you’ve been with, all the books and courses of how to find and attract the right man for you.

Take a look inside yourself, find out who is hiding there and let her out and when you do, accept her/yourself and love totally.

Even if you trust and that trust will be broken and it will take to scary, bad moments, don’t regret anything, because you never lost anything.

You found yourself and that’s enough. You gained more than you could possibly imagine and you heart will never be the same, so go ahead and take a leap of faith!

Here is the trailer:



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