Living The Law Of Attraction

This might be the most important piece I have ever written, so it’s good if you read it through till the end.

When I was in the States last summer, I used to watch a lot of UFC fights, every Saturday night there was this big show with mixed martial arts fighters and we gathered in front of the TV and watched it.

I loved it, especially when blood is involved. Not that I’m a violent person, but deep inside there must be some kind of warrior and people close to me know what I mean, besides the punches that I like to throw now and then in a playful manner 😉

Now, on with the subject. Soon in the watching, I discovered this quite new and interesting character from Dublin, Ireland, now the Featherweight Champion.

Just three years ago, he didn’t have anything, just a dream and he kept believing in that dream until he made it come true.

He had the support of his lovely longtime girlfriend and it’s important to have at least one special person to believe in you, but even if you don’t, do not worry about it, just believe in yourself, that’s the only thing that matters and know that God has your back at all times.

He always talks trash about his other opponents, but that’s just publicity and he knows how to draw attention to him, making a connection with the Irish fans and making people either love him or hate his guts. But from what I’ve seen, he has fair play and doesn’t play dirty, like others I’ve watched.

I woke up the other day with the idea that God really wants us to succeed in whatever we want to accomplish, is not trying in any way to bring obstacles in our way, these are just lessons, so we can improve and get better. God never takes sides, it’s really an objective energy and what you put out there, that’s what you’ll get.

It supports whatever kind of energy you vibrate and transmit into the ether, if you believe you’re a victim or a failure, than that’s what you’ll become, and if you believe you’re a champion, than that’s what you’ll become as well.

The world and God really responds to our vibration, thoughts, energy, frequency and the most important, to what you really believe and have faith in.

Please take a look at these videos, they really made it so simple for me to believe in what I desire. He has a simple way of putting things, but people need simple words and phrases and not hundreds of pages per book to get just one idea that you’ll not even follow through.

It’s about:

  • Having A Dream, A Desire
  • Putting In The Hard Work
  • Self Belief
  • Madness, You Have To Be A Bit Crazy
  • Innovation, Do Things In Your Own Way
  • Trust And Know That It Will Happen


Hope it inspires you to go after what you want and make your life richer and fulfilled 🙂








I have massive respect for him, because he went from nothing to everything and he knows what it’s like to having a dream and pushing to make it happen.




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