It’s Not Gonna Happen!

I was pretty upset the other day, that I wanted to make this post of how many times I can write “fuck” in a sentence.

Right.. now I’m more relaxed, so I might swear just a little bit.

Since I had my short crazy sort of affair with my own Christian Grey in the winter, which taught me quite a few interesting and valuable things, I decided to have no sex until I find someone who I really want to start something beautiful and meaningful and since I made the decision to concentrate on my career and myself, men have gone nuts.

I get all kinds of propositions from different people that I know.

If I post a yoga pose now and then, that doesn’t mean it’s a sex position, that’s just movement and energy cultivating.

If you want sex positions, then buy my upcoming book, you’ll get a lot of those (and no, the subject is not me, but something else).

I know what I want and I value myself enough not to jump into a meaningless relationship or spread my legs just for the fun of having sex.

I don’t need a penis to make me feel whole, I’m already whole, that will just fill my body for a short time and then, what?

We women or I should just speak for myself, need a man who can penetrate not just the body, but the mind and soul as well.

Men think that if they bang a girl and they do it good, then that’s enough.

Well, newsflash! It’s not!

So, I suggest you better stay friends with me and that’s it. It’s not gonna happen!

If you cannot see past the yoga poses, the body and the overall appearance, then, by all means, you can get out of my life!

It’s simple as that.

Women have been objectified for much too long, it’s time to put an end to it and who can do that better than us, ladies, by respecting our bodies and souls enough to say no and value ourselves more to desire more out of life and out of the men in our lives.






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