“The Invitation”

I just finished watching this movie and I gotta say it was a good one.

The tension starts building from the beginning and it’s more psychological than others I’ve seen, the acting is pretty intriguing and chilling at times, leaving you with a desire to know more and see the end of it all.

But besides all these, there are some pretty good lessons to learn from this film, as one for example is to not join any club, cult or anything like that and especially if you have any soul or mind problems (anxiety, depression, anger issues, etc), the only one that can help you is yourself and trust in something higher than you.

The thing is that you should never let anyone else decide for you and especially, your own life.

You are in control and you should be the only one in control of that.

I’m not gonna spoil it for you, but this movie shows how weak people can be in the face of trauma and the belief that another mortal human being has the answer to their problems or questions.

The power is in your hands, use it wisely!

This is a very good thriller, worth watching till the end.





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