Dark Sugars – Chocolate Or Die Pt I

Yesterday I was announcing that I would be visiting this shop in East End, on Brick Lane.

For those of you who don’t know where that is, well.. it’s close to Shoreditch High Street Overground Station or Liverpool Street Underground Station.

I will be posting about this in two separate occasions, one now another tomorrow, when I will be finishing my bag of goodies.

Today I tried the chocolate mango slices, the chocolate almonds, the chocolate apricots and the chocolate orange rinds.

I know the word “chocolate” is overused in this post, but guess what? This is what all these are covered with and it’s the main ingredient by the way.

I gotta say that I wasn’t knocked down by the flavour (I know I am picky about my chocolate, but I know my stuff and I know what I like).

What I did like, more than the others, were the orange rinds. The sweet tangy feeling of the orange was merging really well with the dark coat of chocolate.

Tomorrow I’ll try the other three bites full of cocoa that I bought and will let you know about it.

For now, here are some snapshots that I took inside the shop.

Please, do feast your eyes! 🙂

PS. All this made me realize that I can do my own fruits or nuts covered in this rich, full of flavour decadent food that we all love.










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