You’re Just A Grain Of Sand

What is your problem? Or what do you think your problem is?

Trust me! In the end, there’s nothing to worry about.

As species, we think we are much superior to our more brain rudimentary fellows animals, but looking at us and then, looking at them, I think we are more undeveloped than they are.

Anyway, this video bellow is about how Earth is just a small dot in the Universe, almost an invisible one.

After watching this, I was like, yeah right and they tell us all this bullshit like there are no other civilizations or aliens out there, yeah.. sure thing!

Tell that to a five year old, you might have more chances with them, but not me.

Now, the purpose of this post, is not to make you feel like you’re not worth a damn thing, but to think twice when consuming your energy on useless things, worrying, getting mad, sad, angry, depressed, overwhelmed or other worthless feelings.

Your time on this planet is limited, you have no idea when it’s going to end and yet, you live like you’re never going to die, consuming, fretting, worrying, looking for power, feeding your ego with likes and not building a relationship with the one true source of power which is God and not taking care of your soul, which is the most important thing that you have, it’s you, is in you, but you don’t care about it, but care about what others say about you, believe what this poor fucking society tells you how to think, act and feel.

It’s sad really, but what can you do?

Oh wait! Actually, there is something you can do, look within, stop comparing yourself, stop consuming, evaluate yourself with total honesty, look in the mirror of your soul, see who you are. By the way, do you even know who you are?

When asked this question, people usually answer by replying with their job title, nationality, gender, race, sex, or other identifications and labels.

We make our problems or life situations bigger than they actually are and in terms of the universal scale, they mean absolutely nothing, but our ego likes to feel special and wants attention constantly.

When you stop feeding it with all sorts of absurdities, you will start living, and that’s why we’re here for, to live, love, grow our little souls and experience this thing called life and not to make a big deal out of nothing.

So, next time, you want to scream and kick, watch this video again and see that your challenges and issues are nothing but tests for your soul’s growth and in the end, you are going to benefit from them if you are open to receive their message and learn the lesson that comes with it.

If not, then you will make the same mistakes over and over and wake up at 60-70 years of age thinking that you wasted all your life and energy on stupid things and now you’re old, tired and sick and guess what, the time is a relative thing, but one thing is for sure, it’s not coming back, ever.

I may be direct and blunt, but that’s how I am and I’m not gonna sugarcoat things for you.



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