Before You Die

I just watched a film that gave me some inspiration to write this piece. It’s called “The Shift” with Wayne Dyer, full of gems and food for thought, but especially uplifting and transformational.

I am aware of many phrases spoken in the film, but the way they were said, made more sense or better I should say, I felt them as true and energetic to my core.

We all have a spark inside of us, something that when we do it, time seems to fade away and the seconds turn to minutes and then hours and we do it with pleasure, with purpose, with joy.

So, before you depart this Earth, go after that thing that fills your heart with joy and gives meaning to your life and if that makes you happy, then you can easily make others happy and touch someone else’s heart and when you are able to make good and do good for others through your inspiration and aspiration, then you can say you have truly lived.

It’s never too late 🙂




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