St Martin-in-the-Fields Lunch

I know I should have posted this back on the Christmas Holiday Season, I guess I go caught up with other stuff, but it’s never too late, right? 🙂

By the church, there is a place called The Crypt, with lovely looking lunch dishes, deserts, soups and beverages.

Just opposite this place there is a beautiful statue and across the street you can see the restaurant called Prezzo, a really nice Italian one, where I had a good pizza, but in a different location, near Euston Station, but that’s another story.




To go into The Crypt, there is an elevator or you can take the stairs, just a couple of metres down bellow.




You are welcomed by a cute Christmas tree.




And a some sort of African Christ After Birth as it appears to me, but it looks nice nonetheless.




I had a great tasting peppermint tea.




And a delicious leak and potato cream soup. It was so good, that I wanted to lick the bowl, but as I am mannered, couldn’t do it.




From my table I could see the exit to the church and a nice view over the holiday tree.




Besides the lovely concerts that they host almost everyday, this place has a good variety of food choices.

Recommend it, not just for tourists, but Londoners as well.


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