Back to ’60s

Last night I watched the second semifinal of Eurovision and then a short history plus the UK’s part in the show.

At the beginning, in the 1950s there were a lot of French songs winning in the competition, which sprung a memory of mine from when I watched the great movie – “Moonrise Kingdom” of brilliant Wes Anderson and the main song was this one:



This song makes me feel so good, it makes me believe in love, friendship, honesty and all the other virtues and values of this world.

Somehow I wish I lived in those days, the main reason being to witness the rise and rise of my dear David Bowie, to be able to wear all those cute dresses and be in fashion and not like today when I wear them it seems like I’m wearing something vintage and called the good old fashion.

Another reason is to watch the beginning of the flower power, freedom of expression and sexual revolution that shaped the perspective of the majority of us, but unfortunately lately it takes a wrong turn with the overflow of magazines, apps, media, where the women objectification is the main ingredient.

I think we were discovering a new freedom and something rather unique until then, but I’m sure it wasn’t as obscene and vulgar as it is nowadays.

It was a crazy self expression, but not made to promote your body for the benefit of others or to make more money yourself.

Not to get bitter or upset about it, there’s nothing we can do to change it anyway, it’s following its own course, I’ll leave you with this song, yet another great classic.




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