Because I Love Tattooed, Bearded, Stylish Men

Let’s start from the beginning with this one.

The first time I kissed a guy with a beard and I liked it, was back in the summer of 2005, when I was almost 21 and he was if I’m not mistaken with two or three years younger than me (shh! don’t tell anyone, I might get in trouble).

I suppose that was the time my passion for beards started and also when I was a kid, I used to tell my dad to stop shaving all the time, because he looked much better with just a little stubble.

Regarding tattoos, I can say I’ve always liked them, for no specific reason other than they look really cool and lately I’m discovering I like that men have style.

I think it’s really important for a man to be well groomed, casual dressed, stylish and having elegant manners.

I am not into older men at all, but this photo is too cool, his attitude, tattoos and style, I absolutely love it!




I think the only man that I don’t particularly like having a beard, is my dear David Bowie, it’s still ok, but not like other men.




I believe he can put that sexy original attitude of his with more impact with just a little stubble or clean shaved.

I don’t think beard was for him, but he can put more sexiness and be more manly than other men with full grown beards.




Now, my point is not that beard makes you more of a man, because I’ve seen classy full bearded guys in London that don’t have the manners to back it up, but they believe that growing some facial hair will make them manly.

No, it won’t, you still need to have a good character, personality and manners.

Either way, I like it and not the full 5-10 cm of beard (I don’t want a priest for God’s sake), but just under 1 cm or just a few millimeters and well groomed is way better than nothing.


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