My Love For Brown And Its Shades

Now, I’m not talking necessarily about the colour brown, but products, food and others with different shades of brown, from caramel to dark chocolate.

Everyone who knows me, is aware that I love chocolate and I don’t eat it with less than 70% cocoa, so my quest for finding the best piece of heaven that melts on your mouth and makes you react in certain ways, will never cease.

I bought a few bars in the past and will post in the future my best choices, but for now, I’ll resume to this one that I got last week from Waitrose.

It’s an Italian brand  – Vanini, never heard of, but God I’m so happy I found it on the shelf.

It has 74% cocoa, plus bits of cocoa nibs. I mean, what more can you want?

It’s delicious, rich, intense, melting and crunchy in the same time, and when you eat it, you feel like you’re part of something important and it makes you feel good about your choice (in my case at least).

I forgot to take a photo of the back of it, but is says it has a single country origin (I believe it’s Peru if I remember correctly) and is Fairtrade, helping farmers build and sustain their lives and farms, plus that’s impressive and I love the idea).

Now for the other shade of brown in my shopping, it’s about a body wash of a caramel shade that is inviting you to shop in the shower.

Main ingredients are cardamom and black pepper and it smells divine, more like a man’s body wash, but when I shower, it makes me feel strong and powerful, ready to take over the world (probably this is how men full of testosterone feel like).

It also makes my skin feel soft and gentle.

PS. I realized that men products must have as main ingredient, cardamom and no, it doesn’t make me hit on women, I promise.

These are my brown shades of shopping that I recommend if you want to feel lush, strong and important 🙂




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