New Gourmet Findings

After I finished my other St. Dalfour spreads, I went on to buy new ones and came across these ones.

I am so happy I got them 🙂

As I’ve never seen a chestnut spread before, my curiosity sprung and I bought it right there and then and I’m glad I did. It’s really something else, you can put it on simple toast or together with ricotta or on ice cream.

Didn’t try yet on ice cream, but I bet it’s delicious on vanilla, pistachio or even mint (my imagination has no limits).

The raspberry spread is just amazing, much better than the one with both raspberry and pomegranate one.

This fruit is one of the best to make a jam out of, the sweetness and the little bit of bitterness makes it awesome.

I for one, love it!

If you find them in your grocery shop, I truly recommend them if you like this sort of things.

Apart from the fact that they are more healthy due to no added cane sugar, they are delicious as well.




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