Homo Sapiens, More Like Homo Idiota

I watched this video earlier and if I was wondering where are we coming from in my younger years, well.. this makes it even more difficult to get an answer.

Plus the divided world of Science and Religion, Evolution and God is more amplified than ever.

Are we just the result of animal and specifically, mammals evolution or are we more than that, having a spirit, soul, inside that wants to grow and evolve further more?

Are we coming from the One source that everyone is talking about aka God, and what is God anyway?

I’ve always been interested in Anthropology and Paleontology, having a desire to know where we come from and our history, plus a love for everything old and ancient.

On the other hand, I remember I started believing in God since I was quite young, like eight years of age and had a deep peace while praying.

I guess these two have always battled inside of me, the Scientific and Spiritual and wanting to know the truth of all this and I am and probably always will be in the search for what’s real and true.

We have evolved so much in the last 500,000, but still we have so many hang ups and probably our core is the same as it was 20,000 years ago, nothing has changed.

They say it as Homo Sapiens  – Wise Person, but to me, we should be called Homo Idiota – Idiot Person , as we haven’t evolved as much as we would like to thing of.

If we would, then we would’t:

  •  be backstabbing each other
  •  go to war for no reason
  •  be killing our own kind
  •  steal from the poor
  •  be greedy, so we can lavish in unnecessary comfort while our brothers and sisters are dying of hunger
  •  compete with each other for fame, position, social status, etc
  •  gossip and talk behind someone else’s back just because we’re afraid to expose our own issues and insecurities
  •  judge and criticise others, so we can feel good or better about ourselves
  •  kill and sacrifice so many animals for our own gratification and satisfaction
  •  be spying on each other with tons of cameras running everywhere for the stupid reason that it’s for our own benefit and NO, IT’S NOT (it’s to limit our freedom and self expression)

And so on, the list might be endless if I stay all night to think about our main flaws and misconducts.

All these, prove to me that we are still so unevolved and ancient in mind and even though we have built massive buildings, shot people into space, made all sorts of unnecessary gadgets, we are still so child like when it comes to being human.

Do we even know the significance of the word “Human”?

Maybe we’re not here to serve any purpose, maybe Science is right, maybe we have just evolved from our ape brothers and that’s it.

Because what we’re living these days, this is what it proves.

Or maybe there is another way for us, the Light, God, Source way, if we like to believe that.

I for one, do, because it makes me feel good, that I belong somewhere, that I’m an important piece of this big puzzle, that I will return to a better place at some point (and no, not heaven – I don’t believe in Religion and what it says, but somewhere to a much more peaceful place).

Or maybe none of this is true, will let you to decide for yourself.

Sometimes I wonder that if there is any God, then why is He/She/It allowing all these atrocities to happen? And then it comes to mind that we are just mere animals with brain and speech, that’s all.

I like to believe in good and a higher power that is watching over us and helping us to grow what we have as souls, even through all these issues that we call tragedies or dramas.

Now, I’ll let you with the video that I mentioned earlier.





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