Romania At The Euro 2016, Religion And The Freedom To Think

Long title, I know, but bare with me for a second.

Last night, Romania (the country I was born in) lost against Albania at the Euro 2016 which takes place in France.

Now, this was no surprise for me as it’s quite obvious that we don’t play a good game (to be a diplomat and not to say that we suck), we keep running around like crazy on the field, playing mostly by throwing the ball with our heads, always defending (never really attacking, only in the beginning when we are fresh and feel like warriors) and then plunging with a quick small attack hoping to get a penalty and there you go, we actually got two of those.

When people ask me why I don’t wish Romania to win or support them, well..I really want to see a good match and not some chickens running around, thinking they are good enough for a Euro or World Championship.

I support Germany, who knows how to play and I have been supporting them since 2008.

This year, a lot of countries have proven to be quite good and surprised the audiences, so it will be interesting to see who will win in the end. It can be anyone and I am up for a good time. May the best team win!

Enough about football.

The reason I write is that people get angry or upset and surprised that I don’t value Romanian football and I am not a patriot and support them how I “should”.

Why do I need to do that? I believe we live in a time and age when we can choose who we support, no matter our nationality, race, sex or other labels.

Just because I was born there, I really need to support them and my question is Why?

What happened to being objective over subjective?

This is what is causing all this hate, discrimination and separation between people.

Because we feel the need to belong somewhere, into some kind of group, that we exclude everyone else, and think that only we are right.

I personally believe that I don’t belong in a certain country, but that I am a citizen of the world and I won’t support a country that clearly sucks at football for example and no matter how many people judge me for that, I’m not going to change my mind.

This morning I made the analogy between this and how the Muslims are doing what they’re doing, attacking and acting as terrorists.

Because it’s ingrained into their culture and religion to be against anyone who isn’t, just like all the other religions out there. They all think that their religion is the best and no one ever questions this.

I bet when I baby is born into a Muslim country, he doesn’t want to kill anyone, they are too full of love and being a kid, but then they are taught all that and even youngsters might not want to do it, but because they live there and the others have all these expectations from them, that they need to act in a certain way, that they actually do, without asking themselves: is this what I really want to do with my life? To kill and be killed?

Another thing is to not believe what is said on TV or even better, don’t watch at all.

They are all lying and manipulating us all through media. For example, let’s take this recent event that happened in UK with a politician Jo Cox that was murdered by a man last week.

How do you know that this thing was not planned by the UK Government and influenced that man into killing her because they are actually afraid to leave EU and not let their economy crash and become poor?

Just like the US Government killed thousands of their own to come up with an excuse to go to war against Irak and now the other Muslim countries in the area.

Don’t you ever wonder about these things?

Maybe you should and not take everything that’s being thrown at you as gospel.

I had a lot more to say this morning, when thousands of thoughts were running in my mind like crazy.

The final idea is that even someone tells you that you need to do or don’t do a certain thing just because you belong into a country, group, community etc., that you should do it.

Think twice and think for yourself, do you really want to do that?

Basically, have a free mind, be a free thinker and do or don’t do things only because you want it, not because you have to based on other’s opinion, society’s or the world.

Make up your own mind.




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